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    Consider the ante for Manitoba Songfest 2013 officially upped. ClearLightSound has graciously agreed to donate 8 hours of studio time to the winner!

    On Friday night, we ventured to a rainbow house on Lenore and met with the owner Ervin Bartha and his wife Deborah Judith to get all the papers signed.

    Highlights of the night:

    1. The studio is outfitted as if a hidden time machine exploded its past and future relics into a musical space. From the authentic Napoleonic era couch (with the original wood!), the dodecahedron speaker set from the 80s (How a DnD bard would jam if he were in the 80s and not a fictional realm), and the new projector system, it made even tedious document-signing a memorable experience.

    2. Deborah composed some inspired piano-action on the spot for us.

    3. ClearLightSound has apparently developed a new method of recording called Full Spectrum OptiSonic Digital.

    “This exclusive process has been developed especially for polyphonic instruments, such as piano, harp, etc., and it delivers unbelievable depth, clarity and full harmonic dimensionality. Using up to six “aural platforms”, all the subtle nuances and tonal delicacy that is heard in live performances is finally brought to the medium of digital recordings. The sound is simultaneously analog and digital, bringing the best of both worlds to your ears! Please listen and compare the difference between a high quality Stereo track and the same selection through Full Spectrum OmniSonic.”

    Their website also has some links so you can hear the difference.

    4. And, of course – 8 hours ($400 value) of studio time to the winner!

    So thanks again ClearLightSound! We’re psyched to be able to give this additional leg-up to aspiring local artists.

    Check out the Manitoba Songfest website to submit your entry in to the 2013 contest on Shaw TV and WCGtv!

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